Who Let The Dogs Out? Only us!


Our family includes us, Claudia and Berthold Jurasek, and our Kooikerhondjes: male Moqui and the bitches Sanu, Zya and Pakwa.



Everything started when Moqui, as a puppy, moved in with us in Munich, Germany. This was in 2007. Originally, it was our wish to have only one dog. However, things changed and we enjoyed our life with Moqui so much that we started to think about an additional dog. A move to Switzerland allowed us to add Sanu to our life and our newly discovered „work-life-balance“.






In the meantime, two more female Kooikerhondjes made our pack complete. After many years of intensive research and studies of the pedigrees and inheritance patterns, we decided to start our breeding program with both females Zya and Pakwa.

Chepi stayed with us in 2018.

Effi stayed with us in 2020.


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