We have studied the Native North American culture and history for many years. It has become an integral part of our lives. In their belief system the bear is considered a symbol for power, protection and balance. As a constellation in the sky, the bear is useful in helping sailors to orient themselves. These qualities inspired us to dedicate the name of our kennel to the bear.

It is our philosophy to breed healthy, strong and balanced dogs. We are following the current breed standard but we do not just stop there. We are going the extra route and following our ideal. For an extended period, we have been studying the Kooikerhondje from the origin of recorded breedings until the present time. The Kooiker was almost extinct after the Second World War and all Kooikerhondjes in today’s time go back to a total of 13 dogs that represent the foundation of the breed (Source: VHNK-Symposium 2017, Pieter Oliehoek, www.oliehoek.nl). This information aroused our curiosity and we started to focus on the hereditary traits of the breed in more depth. The large amount of information and collected data were entered into breeding software that is constantly undergoing updates. In 2011, utilizing this knowledge and understanding of the breed, we decided to enter into the world of breeding Kooikerhondjes.

It is our goal to decrease the degree of inbreeding with our mating choices and we pay particular attention to the inbreeding coefficient when choosing a stud dog and bitch. Our breeding stock is tested for the following diseases: vWD (von Willebrand Disease carrier status), ENM (Hereditary Necrotizing Myelopathy carrier status), PL (Patella Luxation) and general eye diseases. Other hereditary diseases, for which there is no genetic testing available yet, are polymyositis, renal dysplasia and epilepsy. Epilepsy is currently declining and each year, there are only 1-5 diagnosed cases reported. You can find more information here

We are taking care of our Kooikerhondjes in all areas possible. This includes a solid foundation of basic and more advanced training, a balanced canine life of activity and periods of rest. Particularly important for us is healthy nutrition in the form of raw diet (BARF= biological species specific raw feeding). Our dogs love their meals with meat, bones, vegetables, fruits, eggs and dairy.



Quality attributes of our puppies are:

We Let The Bears In!